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Home/Office Delivery

Whether you need 5-gallon, 3-gallon, 1-gallon, or 24-ounce bottles, our delivery drivers can take the hassle out of handling the heavy load. We deliver right to your home or office and even give you a choice of three premium water qualities: Distilled, Reverse Osmosis, or Alkaline.

Your delivery driver will give you an invoice at the time of delivery, and we make it easy to pay with our flexible payment options. You can pay the driver at the time of delivery, send in a check, or pay with a credit card.

As a thank-you for your loyalty, our delivery customers receive a 10% discount on in-home water treatment system installation.

Treatment System Installation & Maintenance

Our home & office water treatment systems provide you with a lifetime of pure, clean water. With a treatment system from Pure Water Oasis, you will immediately notice the benefits of soft water, including softer, clearer skin and hair, and an elimination of hard water deposits in your appliances and plumbing.

If you're having problems with an existing treatment system, we also provide repair and maintenance to most makes and models of systems.

If you are a home or business owner needing innovative solutions for your water problems, we can meet your needs.

Retail Store & Showroom

In Independence? Come visit us! Located just two blocks east of Noland Road on 23rd Street, our store offers a full-service showroom and service center, water accessory retail sales, and water jug fill-up kiosks. When you come in, you will be met with a friendly smile and a warm greeting.

Our family-owned and operated store sells a variety of products in our store, including water bottles, treatment system parts, emergency filters and supplies, emu oil lotions, healthy-living soaps, and more. Here at Pure Water Oasis, you're part of the family! Our water specialists are ready to talk to you and answer any questions about your water you might have.

Come on in today!