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Our Services  Here for You

You matter. That's why we provide you with top-class services, at a lower price than the competition!

I want to...

...Get pure water in my home or business

If you need pure water in your home or business, Pure Water Oasis is your go-to place! We deliver to the entire Kansas City Area!

..Find out about my water

Are you concerned about the quality of your water? Request a free water analysis today!

...Fill up my water jugs

Never deal with grocery store fillup kiosks again! Just come into out store and fill up your water jugs-- for pennies on the dollar!

...Get a new system

Want to improve your water? Just give us a call and we will send our owner, Rex Curtis, out to bring you the water you deserve!

...Fix my current system

If you have a system already, but need it serviced, we can do that too! We service most major makes and models.